St. Mary School

Advisory Cabinet

Saint Mary School Advisory Cabinet

The duties and functions of the Saint Mary School Advisory Cabinet include:


– Establishing yearly goals and objectives for itself and for the school.


– Evaluating the accomplishment of these goals.


– Participating in the evaluation of the educational programs.


– Acting as a liaison body with various parishes and stakeholders participating in St. Mary School.


– Seeking a better understanding of and promoting wider support for Catholic education within the community.


– Interpreting policies of the Diocese of Columbus Office of Catholic Schools for local administrative officers and, in matters wherein the Diocese has not promulgated policies, suggesting such policies under which the administration shall operate.


– Determining whether policies are being carried out according to the will of the Diocese of Columbus Office of Catholic Schools.


– Evaluating the adequacy of its policies and the effectiveness of their interpretation.


– Receiving information from the administration regarding changes relative to the operation, maintenance, and renovation of facilities and equipment.


– Receiving and reviewing quarterly financial reports of the school’s income and expenditures, to date.


– Providing orientation for new Cabinet members and ensuring that they are provided an up-to-date Constitution and are aware of the functions and responsibilities of the Cabinet.


– Participating in the interviewing of the Principal/Administrator as outlined by the Diocese of Columbus.


– Participating in the Diocese evaluation of the principal as related to the relationship between the Principal and the Cabinet.

Cabinet Members


Chair: Valerie Tripp

Vice Chair: Jennifer Hintz

Secretary: Whitney Bowers



Kellie Beery

Kyle Hesterman (Parish Council Representative)

Patrick Messerly

Tom Shuman

Andrea Taylor

Judy Wohrer

2023-2024 Meeting Schedule

Wednesday, September 13, 2024

Wednesday, November 8, 2024

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Wednesday, May 8, 2024