St. Mary School


SCRIP Program


Scrip is a program where consumers can buy gift cards (physical and ecards) and the business will give a percentage of the purchase price back to the organization. St. Mary will keep 50%, and the other 50% gets credited to a specific family for tuition in the following year. So, you can make all your everyday purchases like groceries, gas, dining out, and your morning coffee, and earn money back for tuition at the same time!

How to Join

Download the RAISERIGHT app on your phone, or go to RAISERIGHT.COM and set up your account. Please email for the enrollment code. When filling out information on the RaiseRight app, please fill in as much information as possible. This makes it easier for our coordinator to credit the correct family.

Then, start shopping!! You can have physical cards delivered to your home or the school, and they can be sent home with a student, or you can pick them up in the office. Please order ahead of time for this option. It may take a week or more to get the cards delivered and then sent home to you. Some cards we have on hand, so feel free to email to inquire about what we have on hand.

If there is a business that you are trying to get a gift card for and cannot find it on RaiseRight, please email our coordinator at

Local Gift Cards

A few of our local businesses participate in the SCRIP program. These include Bays Food Market, Walker’s Shoe Center, Buckeye Honda, Adare Studio of Hair, and Piper’s Service Center. If you would like gift cards for any of these businesses, please email our coordinator your request and send a check into the office. Checks are to be made out to St. Mary SCRIP.


***Important Note about Piper’s Service Center: Have your service done, and when you are given the invoice tell them that you will pay it through the St. Mary SCRIP program. Make a copy of your invoice and send to the office with a check for the full amount. We will then have the treasurer write a check to Piper’s for 6% less the total amount because that is what they have agreed to give back. 3% of that will go towards your family’s tuition, and 3% will go to St. Mary.


If there are local businesses you would like added, please email our coordinator at

Kroger Community Rewards

Kroger does not participate in the SCRIP program because they give back to St. Mary through their community rewards program. When you are doing your grocery shopping be sure to scan your Kroger card for each purchase. A variable percentage of what you spend will be given back to St. Mary on a quarterly basis. 50% of that goes to St. Mary, and the other 50% goes toward your family tuition. You MUST sign up for the community rewards and report your contribution on a quarterly basis to get credit.


How to Sign-up: Download the Kroger app or go to and register. Go to the Menu (on the app it is the three lines in the upper right corner). Then click on Rewards, then Community Rewards. Choose the organization: ST. MARY-LANCASTER. Start using your card!


Report Contribution: Go to the Kroger app, Menu, Rewards, Community Rewards. At the bottom you will see your quarterly contribution. Take a screenshot of this and email to the scrip email address, and be sure to include the name of the family receiving credit, or you can print this page and send to the office in an envelope labeled SCRIP. Please be sure to include the family name that will receive credit.


Once the quarter is over, this amount will be reset, so be sure to send it in before the end of each quarter.

The quarters are:

August 1-October 31

February 1-April 30

November 1- January 31

May 1-July 31


SCRIP Coordinators: Tenessa George and Crissa Felkner