St. Mary School

Safe Environment

Protecting God's Children

As part of its ongoing effort to protect the young people we serve, the Diocese of Columbus is offering a training program called Protecting God’s Children. Volunteers such as you are indispensable to our program. Because you will be working with our young people, your attendance is required by the diocese. Your participation will help to ensure the safest possible environment for our young people. Please register for a session using the link below.

Children, our own and the children of the community need us. Not a few, not a handful, but all of us. By working together, we can stop the abuse now before it starts. It is up to us as Catholics, as parents, as members of the human race to guide, love, and protect all of God’s children.

For more information about the diocesan Safe Environment policies, please click here.

Thank you for offering your time and talents to work with the children and youth of our program.