St. Mary School


Welcome Alumni!

St. Mary School has a rich history of providing Catholic education in Fairfield County for over a century. In 1847, Fr. Young, Pastor of St. Mary of the Assumption, asked Eliza Gillespie to start a parochial school for the parish. She became the first teacher at St. Mary and instructed older students. A second teacher was then hired to instruct younger students. The first St. Mary School building was opened on September 7, 1907 and continues to serve as part of the school today. By 1929 a newer facility was built, which initially served as the St. Mary High School and graduated 27 students in its inaugural year. To date, it is estimated that St. Mary School has “graduated” over 2,700 students. Our alumni represent an invaluable piece of our school history and our community! We look forward to keeping in touch with them and celebrating their achievements!


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